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Please Note

A number of websites now offer free driver downloads.

However, rather than the correct drivers for your system, these sites are usually actually supplying driver finding - driver installation software.

In many cases, this driver finding software contains malware, spyware and - or computer viruses. This software often attempts to steal users bank details or personal details (the websites are financed by the criminals who run this scam).


Computer Reinstallation

The Windows Computer Software Reinstallation Service is specifically designed to help people whose Computer Recovery Discs - Windows Computer Recovery Disk - Windows Reinstall Disks are no longer available. Put simply; if your Re-image disks are no longer available, this service can re install the correct version of Windows for you (with drivers, utilities etc).

For more information, please click here; Windows Reinstallation Service


Please note that there are many known issues with Windows 10, most of these relate to Windows 10 drivers. eg; Asus seem to have issues with keyboard drivers when upgraded to Windows 10 where many keys (eg; u, i, o, p and others) no longer work. The solution is to upgrade the touchpad drivers. We have also resolved many Windows 10 Acer driver issues, HP driver issues, Samsung driver issues.

Please note; Sony do not fully support Windows 10 drivers for Sony Vaio computers and Sony recommend that owners do not upgrade to Windows 10 at this time.

Likewise, we recommend that the Acer Aspire 5560 should not be upgraded to Windows 10 due to drivers issues. In this particular case, Windows 10 misidentifies the keyboard and mouse, rendering the keyboard unusable and the correct Windows 10 drivers are unavailable and connecting an external keyboard does not work. If the system is then returned to Windows 7, it will fail to boot because of the keyboard driver issue.

The solution is to reinstall Windows 7 (eg; from the Acer Windows 7 Recovery Disks).

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Regarding Windows 10 upgrades; we strongly advise that is you intend to upgrade, back up your documents and perform the Windows 10 upgrade from a USB drive (8gb drive required) rather than relying on the Microsoft Windows 10 download.


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