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About Telford Computer Repairs

Computer Maintenance Service and Repair

(Qualified Staff, 23yrs Experience - 100% Record)

Orleton Lane, Wellington, Telford, Shropshire. TF3 1YR.

Micosoft Partner in Telford, Shropshire

Specialists in Computer Repair, Computer Virus Removal - Computer Spyware removal and Windows re-installation in Telford. A&A Computer Repair in Telford, Computer Repair in Shifnal and Computer Insurance Claim Reports in Telford.

Please Note; Most other brands of computer also supported and repaired.

Emergency Computer Repair Telford - Same Day Repair

Emergency Computer Repair in Telford

Same Day Computer Repair Service

Includes Same Day Data Retrieval

(if possible)


Telford Windows 10 Upgrades and Fix

Please note that many people have have issues after performing Windows 10 upgrades (Sony now recommend Sony Vaio computer owners not to upgrade at this time), whilst we find that approximately 40% to 50% of owners who upgrade to Windows 10 encounter problems..

Eg; we recommend not to upgrade the Acer Aspire 5560 to Windows 10 due to drivers issues. In this case, Windows 10 misidentifies the keyboard and mouse, rendering the keyboard unusable and the correct Windows 10 drivers are unavailable from Acer and connecting an external keyboard does not resolve the problem. If the system is downgraded to Windows 7, it will not boot into Windows because of the keyboard driver issue.

We have resolved these problems via;

 Acer computer repairs in Telford
Asus laptop repairs in Telford
Compaq computer repairs in Telford
Dell computer repairs in Telford
HP computer repairs in Telford
Samsung laptop repairs in Telford
Toshiba laptop repairs in Telford


Regarding Windows 10 upgrades; we strongly advise that if you intend to upgrade to windows 10 - back up your documents and perform the Windows 10 upgrade from a USB drive rather than relying on the Microsoft Windows 10 download.

However, please note that the free upgrade option finished on July 31st 2016. However; Microsoft will have details of upgraded systems.

Personal Data Removal in Telford

We usually recover clients data by removing the hard disk drive and connecting it to another computer. We then scan the hard drive for viruses – kill any which are found and then copy the data to the 2nd computer. Only then do we begin computer repairs. This guarantees that recoverable data (irreplaceable photos etc) is never lost.

Please Note; We treat all data as strictly confidential; we never view clients pictures or other files.

Registered Microsoft Partner

Telford Computer Repairs in Telford Phone Number 

Telford (01952) 793050   

Computer Virus Removal in Telford

Microsoft Partner in Telford

Computer Driver Installation


(23yrs Experience - 100% Record)

Probably the best Virus Removal Service in the Midlands

Address; Orleton Lane, Wellington, Telford, Shropshire. TF1 2AA.

We have been finding and removing computer viruses since 1987. To date; we have a 100% record.

Average Turnaround time - less than 24hrs. Virus removal and Windows Re-installation often completed the same day.

Virus Removal in Telford
Virus Removal in Shifnal
Virus Removal in Shrewsbury

Computer Virus Removal in Telford Phone Number  Telford

(01952) 793050 

Hacked and Hijacked Website Repair in Telford

Hacked Website - Hijacked Website Repair

Recover Hacked Website - Repair Hacked Website - Telford 

Recover Hijacked Website - Repair Hijacked Website - Telford

About Identity Theft and Data Security

About Data Security

Data Destruction in Telford, UK

Safe Hard Drive Data Removal

(Safe Hard Drive Erasing and Data Destruction)

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Telford Computer Repair Reviews

Telford Computer Recovery

Computer Recovery in Telford

Telford Computer Repair

Computer Repair in Telford

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